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Order Fast and Easy

Say goodbye to complex processes. Our self-service transcriptions are down-to-earth, in three, easy steps. Simply upload or share files, pay online, and you’re almost done. First-class transcript is transmitted to your e-mail. Need more help? Hit our 24/7 Customer Desk, toll free hotlines and LIVE CHATs. 

Hour Trans

Blazing Fast Delivery

Grappling with a pressing order? Worry not. Our committed team of professional transcribers works in 24/7 turnaround times. We deliver transcription services efficiently; literal accuracy characterizes high volume and TAT orders. Our rush/super rush turnarounds though speedy are ultra-excellent for urgent demands. 

Hour Trans
Hour Trans

Free Speaker-Identification

We created this company with you in mind. We’re always exploring new ways to bequeath rewards to our customers with nifty features and offers. For this reason, your speaker identification will be done devoid of fees. Let us relief you the hassle through precision-accurate speaker identification. 

Hour Trans

Multiple File Formats

Our multiple acceptable and deliverable file formats accommodate all digital and analogue formats, viz. MPEG4, DSS, AAC, DSS, MOV, WMA, and AIFF, you name it and we’ve got it. Forget the format; our innovative transcription technology decodes every piece. 

Hour Trans
Hour Trans

100% Security and Confidentiality

We serve you with a top-of-the-line security system and confidentiality attested by an annual stream of 60,000+satisfied clients. With our high-tech software technology and non-disclosure clause, clients surf through prying-and-hack proof areas that shield their data. 

Hour Trans

Rush and Super Rush Services

Our rush/super rush TAT meets every client needs to the letter. Do you need urgent turnarounds? We focus on rush TATs at rush-friendly rates. Talk to us today. 

Hour Trans

We’ve A Penchant Weaving Mutually Beneficial and Unbreakable Bonds With Clients

Does this ring a bell? Then welcome onboard or talk to us.

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