Script a Project is a best company that offers the high-quality interview transcription services.  We are here to provide extreme high precised interview transcription which are carried our in quick turnaround duration, reasonable cost, and brilliant customer support.

The formats accepted by our team are numerous which can be of MP3, non-digital and many more. The clients of our company are in many countries such as US, Spain, Germany, Arab countries and so on.

The list of services handled in our company is One to one interviews, multiple participant interviews, business meetings, focus group, group discussions, legal interviews, journalistic interviews, job interviews, radio interviews, telephonic interviews, University lectures, research based interviews, depositions/dictations, press briefings and many more are available.

Script a Project spends a lot of time and effort in editing your interview transcript. All our trained and skilled transcribing staffs have immense experience and talent in offering various kind of interview transcription. The entire interview recordings are transcribed into precise text.

As we are an expert in transcription services, we do really understand and value the significance of privacy for all your interview questions and documents. The major highlights of Script a Project are specialized formats for interviews, 24/7 customer support, economical and reasonable cost, time stamping and coding, free trial offer, and Markey opinion poll.

As Script a Project comprises of many special features, this stands out as an outstanding interview transcribing services. Audio and video transcription services are highly acquired by many customers. We always prioritize our client rules and regulations in order to complete the projects which we undertake.

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