Interview transcription par excellence can be accessed at Script a project. The company is the leading name in all kinds of Interview transcription and digital transcription services. The rate charged by the company is very low at just $1 per minute. In spite of such low rates, the company offers one of the best accuracy levels at 98%.

That is not all; the company also caters for a 15 day money back guarantee on all its audio and other kinds of transcription services. Script a project looks forward to reverting to its clients with great alacrity and its 24/7/365 customer services support aids in that. It caters to all the major and minor languages of the world including Tagalong, Russian, Korean, and Armenian.

It believes in offering a safe and secure transmission of data and other information of clients. It maintains complete confidentiality of client’s details. Script a project’s services come in the best turnaround time, the length of which depends upon the actual length of the file. The company also offers a free trial to all new clients.

It charges only 50 % as the upfront payment. It adopts the latest in technology for its Interview transcription services and accepts all kinds of file formats from its clients. To send and receive Interview transcription solutions, Script a project has the ability of working completely online for its projects. Their ever growing and impressive lists of clients are the testimony to their excellent levels of services.

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