There are plenty of people who think that transcribing interviews is not a big deal and one unnecessarily invests in hiring professionals. A lot of people try to do them on their own too thinking that the cost savings will somehow translate into greater earnings. The truth is just the opposite.

Transcripts of interviews taken and broadcast on various media are also often circulated online and offline. If a TV or Radio station thinks that any of their employees or the interviewer himself can transcribe then they are in for a rude shock.

First, of all transcribing takes time and even if the interviewer is able to transcribe a single interview; is it the only one that needs to be converted into text form. If the person’s skill lies in interviewing and questioning then wouldn’t he or she prove to be more productive in performing the job that they know best?

A professional transcriptionist has typing skills that will produce faster documents than any ordinary individual can.  There must not be any spelling errors or grammatical errors or the whole meaning or context can get changed.

For interviews conducted by scientists or engineers; it is also important to know the spellings and meanings of the terminology used in their respective fields.

There is no way that any ordinary individual can produce a transcript that is as accurate as that done by professional and certified interview transcribers. There are many areas such as immigration interviews where transcriptions carried out by a certified company will only be accepted! This is the reason that companies like Script a Project is becoming so popular for their convenient online services.

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