YouTube, the most popular platform for videos, is been greatly used for internet marketing. People who search for a video can easily find it out in search engine results, if only the video has a large amount of text attached to it.

This is the beauty of transcription that when the spoken words are transcribed and uploaded in the internet as transcripts, the Search Engine Optimization is carried out to the maximum. Google will pick up the YouTube videos with transcripts and show them up in the front pages of the search results.

In case, a public speech or an important lecture is uploaded in the YouTube with transcript, then naturally the text will contain the keywords that people will look for and when they type those words in Google, then the video will come up in the front of the search result list. An audio transcript of YouTube video is the easiest way to have maximum number of hits in internet.

Suppose people do not understand English easily, these transcripts will help them to understand more by using both their reading and listening skills. This increases the chances of getting more attention to video and to the concerned business or service.

Script a Project provides professional YouTube video transcription services to its clients with affordable price rates. Professional transcriptionists who are well trained and experienced in the field are engaged for transcribing YouTube transcriptions.

Upload a YouTube video and don’t forget to add a transcript; this will greatly make you reach millions in the world.

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