There are various reasons for why interviews are transcribed and maintained in text format. Some companies may also need the interviews to be translated into target language for better understanding and processing. However, the main expectation from any company that is providing interview transcription services is, to get quality services delivered with fast turnaround. The tasks become challenging when a company or individual start finding for the company that provides quality transcription services, as there are now numbers of companies providing competitive transcriptions of all types.

It is however your responsibility to look for the companies that can meet all your expectations without any hassles. Script a Project is the ISO certified company that offers various types of transcription services. We provide professional transcription services for interviews and other types of requirements that our clients have. Our transcriptionists are skilled and talented in transcribing any types and quality of audio materials with highest accuracy levels.

We can make sure that the transcribed material delivered to our clients is of high quality with good language that can be easily understood. We get the transcribed content in any formats as needed by our clients. Moreover, we also accept any formats of audio files for transcription. Thus we create a flexible environment for our clients to hire our transcription services. We also give free quotes for interview transcription which help our clients to get an idea about the rates for their projects.   We serve round the clock, therefore, however emergency is your requirements we are ready to get it done quickly.

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