How can I find voice transcription services that are confidential?

Professional transcription services have regular clients for whom they transcribe the voicemails as and when they come and send them immediately to their email or mobile phones as text messages. This type of voice transcription helps the clients in many ways.

People who cannot hear properly and who cannot understand the language properly need to depend on textual messages. However, in case they happen to be a busy business people, then they may encounter lots of voice mails in their business and in their career.  Voice transcription refers any voice files they may have in their possession like voice mails, group discussions and recorded messages.

Script a Project performs voice transcription services that are confidential with the due seriousness.  All the transcriptionists and the staff including technical people have signed the confidentiality agreement and they very well are aware of the responsibility of the work they are doing.

Voice messages usually will contain important matter that, if treated careless, third persons may utilize the information against the concerned parties. Moreover, online transfer of data generally is not a safe procedure to maintain data security.

Such a situation is tackled by professional transcription services that provide voice transcription services to their clients in a regular basis.

Script a Project has high security measurements and arrangements to protect the data of their clients from all angles. Top most accuracy and on time delivery along with affordable rates are the specialties of this voice transcription serve provider.

How can I find services for a DVD transcription?

When people have important data in DVD format only, they need to transcribe the audio into textual content for several reasons. Entrusting the work to a professional transcription company is the best method to have the work done. The important factor to take into account is that most of the data preserved in CDs and DVDs get lost in due course. They become somehow corrupt and the data is irretrievable. Hence, having a transcript of these is always safe.

Finding the best professional services is a little bit tough task in the multitude of companies available in the market. Most of the service providers who provide transcription for a cheap rate do not provide quality. Data has to be re-transcribed leading to extra expenditure. Among the plethora of transcription service providers, reliable and cost effective service providers who always stick on to high quality are rare to find.

Script a Project, one of the best service providers, provides DVD transcription services to their clients. They have highly advanced equipments, devices and resources providing smooth work flow. Clients can send or upload DVDs containing any type of data format for transcribing. Urgent transcription work are performed and handed over to the clients within a few hours of data uploading.

Most important aspect of a professional transcription service provider is to keep up confidentiality, maintain maximum accuracy level and quick turnaround time. Everything depends on the ability of the transcriptionist and the technical facilities of the company.

What services provide professional YouTube video transcription?

YouTube, the most popular platform for videos, is been greatly used for internet marketing. People who search for a video can easily find it out in search engine results, if only the video has a large amount of text attached to it.

This is the beauty of transcription that when the spoken words are transcribed and uploaded in the internet as transcripts, the Search Engine Optimization is carried out to the maximum. Google will pick up the YouTube videos with transcripts and show them up in the front pages of the search results.

In case, a public speech or an important lecture is uploaded in the YouTube with transcript, then naturally the text will contain the keywords that people will look for and when they type those words in Google, then the video will come up in the front of the search result list. An audio transcript of YouTube video is the easiest way to have maximum number of hits in internet.

Suppose people do not understand English easily, these transcripts will help them to understand more by using both their reading and listening skills. This increases the chances of getting more attention to video and to the concerned business or service.

Script a Project provides professional YouTube video transcription services to its clients with affordable price rates. Professional transcriptionists who are well trained and experienced in the field are engaged for transcribing YouTube transcriptions.

Upload a YouTube video and don’t forget to add a transcript; this will greatly make you reach millions in the world.

Where can I find companies that provide focus group transcription?

Script a project has evolved to become one of the world’s largest transcription companies who provide the services in more than 200 languages. We have excellent and knowledgeable staffs that come from a blend of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, and it is the variety of talent that makes for a truly exceptional services. We have a deep commitment to deliver the services comparing to other companies in the industry.

We provide you with an enormous amount of information in focus group transcription services. With Script a project, customers can protect more of their information as we maintain strict norms in greater depth. We offer the leading and best of security, backup and recovery or any data loss prevention.

We still provide you with lots of discounts for huge orders and for new customers. As we are an ISO certified company, we provide 100% money back guarantee within 15 days and free trial offer. Quality plays a vital role in any industry we take; hence we provide you with a superlative quality and more than 98% accuracy.

We have organised ourselves into three pillars – Our clients, your information and the people around the world. We take the responsibility in delivering our clients services by portraying it to the world. We welcome your feedbacks about us and you can always reach us online through our customer service executives who work round the clock. We provide 24/7 services and we work all 365 days to serve you with the best deal.

If this is the kind of service you are looking for, we look forward to hearing from you!

How can I find cheap rates for conference transcription?

Script a project is one of the leading companies that provide top notch quality conference transcription services. We are here to provide you with the accurate written copy of your calls, videos and meetings.

We offer you with the best and affordable rates with 10% discounts for new customers and bulk orders. The rate per minute is $1. It sounds awesome… right… We have experienced professionals who proofread the work and the end product is submitted to you which are error free.

We offer money back guarantee within 15 days if the service is not up to your satisfaction. We assure that there will more than 98% accuracy and 100% quality as we maintain excellent quality standards. The procedure is easy for uploading as you just have to upload the files, then pay online and you will get the documents via email.

We charge only 50% of the amount as an upfront payment. We are here to provide you with a budget amount if you’re budget constraint. We provide you with the best services as we are an ISO certified company who offers free trial. We ensure that the services are delivered within the turnaround time.

Our company provides 24/7 services and customer support service round the clock. Our clients appreciate us for our dedication and passion towards the work. We have people who have been trained in providing the work in 200 languages all over the globe. We maintain strict security norms hence all your materials will be confidential. We are here to hold your hands to bring profit to your business.

How can I find cheap rates for focus group transcription services?

Script a Project is offering the best focus group transcription services all over the world. Focus group transcription services from this agency are various and hence customers can find the best options from the well trained staffs from Script a Project.

Languages handled by the team are huge in number and few of them are Polish, Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, Hindi, Tamil and many more are handled. Audio and video transcription jobs are carried out by an individual team as they are trained specific for that field.

Focus group transcription services is very much appreciated and availed by most of the business people as they have bulk order and get cheap services. The transcription undergone for different fields like legal, education, small-scale and large-scale businesses, health center, political etc.

Customer support is one of the best positive options available at Script a Project. The staffs are very well trained and educated to offer you the top most focus group transcription services.

Customers can contact the support team at any time with any queries. Quality is the major part of focus group transcription services. The native speakers of the company are much helpful and hence customers can cooperate with the company staffs easily without any hesitation or obstacles in languages.

A perfect and a clear rate chart is prepared and presented to the customers by the group. There are many transcription agencies and companies all over the world. But to get the best quality at your budget, you must surely contact Script a Project.  There are no restrictions in formats as the team handles any kind of files and perform the job.

Where can I find services that provide Interview transcription?

Interview transcription par excellence can be accessed at Script a project. The company is the leading name in all kinds of Interview transcription and digital transcription services. The rate charged by the company is very low at just $1 per minute. In spite of such low rates, the company offers one of the best accuracy levels at 98%.

That is not all; the company also caters for a 15 day money back guarantee on all its audio and other kinds of transcription services. Script a project looks forward to reverting to its clients with great alacrity and its 24/7/365 customer services support aids in that. It caters to all the major and minor languages of the world including Tagalong, Russian, Korean, and Armenian.

It believes in offering a safe and secure transmission of data and other information of clients. It maintains complete confidentiality of client’s details. Script a project’s services come in the best turnaround time, the length of which depends upon the actual length of the file. The company also offers a free trial to all new clients.

It charges only 50 % as the upfront payment. It adopts the latest in technology for its Interview transcription services and accepts all kinds of file formats from its clients. To send and receive Interview transcription solutions, Script a project has the ability of working completely online for its projects. Their ever growing and impressive lists of clients are the testimony to their excellent levels of services.

How can I find interview transcription services that are confidential?

Interview transcriptions, similar to any other important forms of transcription services such as; police transcription, important business meeting transcription and other confidential transcription services, demands high levels of confidentiality.

It is very important that certain interviews need to be edited to include or remove few questions and answers to provide a clean text document that causes no problems. At the same time, the edited or removed content must be maintained confidentially with high security.

This emphasizes the need to find for the transcription service provider who is reliable in maintaining the confidentiality. Script A Project, in this aspect takes the opportunity to provide the best confidential interview transcription services to our clients. We are very specific in ensuring the source materials, confidentiality and the delivered content.

For the same reasons we have implemented highly secured systems and technology that ensures the confidentiality of the projects. Our technicians and team of transcriptionists are reliable, that they ensure our client’s audio, video materials for interview transcriptions are highly secured with proper system that can never be tracked by others.

We thus serve to be highly professional in providing secured, confidential interview transcription systems. With our reliable services we have gained a huge reputation from our clients, which in turn have made us get many new clients from around the world.

We are being appreciated for providing the secured services for interview transcription by our clients. This has made us become the leading service provider in the industry and highly competitive too.

How can I find cheap rates for interview transcription services?

This would be a challenging task for anyone to find for the transcription company providing the services at cheap rates. Interview transcription involves many complex things that need to be considered to deliver quality content.

Unlike any other transcription services, interview transcription must be done with more care, as the transcribed content will be used numbers of time for references. There are many different types of interviews that need to be transcribed such as; corporate interviews, VIP interviews, business interviews and many others.

Corporate and media sectors require interview transcription hugely than any other sectors. Similarly, they also expect the highest quality and accuracy levels. This emphasizes the need for transcribing in a professional manner fulfilling all the needs of clients.

Script A Project is the ISO certified company with years of experience in the industry. We are the professional transcription company providing varieties of transcription services to our clients. Our transcribers are very knowledgeable and they are experienced in using the right terminologies in the content while transcribing.

We can perform interview transcription in all languages that are spoken around the world. We have a wide network of transcribers from around the world, who are also native speakers and good translators. Therefore, we never say no to any projects and accept to perform in all the best ways that gives 100% customer satisfaction.

We further take the effort to offer the interview transcription services at the best rates that are affordable to all. Our main focus is to provide competitive services with best quality, good language and highest accuracy levels.

What services provides professional interview transcription?

Script a Project offers the paramount in terms of professional interview transcription. The company has rich expertise in catering to all kinds of transcription services and especially professional interview transcription. It extends several offers to its clients. All the projects taken up by the company come with a 15 day money back guarantee.

In addition, the company also offers a free trial to all its new clients whose file duration is more than 3 hours. This free trial extends between 5 to 10 minutes. That is not all, the company also offers 10% discount to all its new clients.

The customer service support of the company is superb and operates all 365 days of the year, all 24 hours of the day, to give prompt reverts. Script a Project is an ISO certified company that offers professional interview transcription services in more than 200 languages worldwide.

The company charges very reasonable rates for its service and reverts with its standard price quotes within a minute of requisition. Script a Project charges only $1 per minute for its professional interview transcription services. The accuracy offered by the company is 100% and it works in quick turnaround time.

Little wonder then, that the company also offer same day and rush professional interview transcription services at very affordable rates. The clients have to simply upload the files at their website, and receive their projects via mail. The payment to the company can be made online too. Clients can call at their toll free number for a free price quote.