Professional transcription services have regular clients for whom they transcribe the voicemails as and when they come and send them immediately to their email or mobile phones as text messages. This type of voice transcription helps the clients in many ways.

People who cannot hear properly and who cannot understand the language properly need to depend on textual messages. However, in case they happen to be a busy business people, then they may encounter lots of voice mails in their business and in their career.  Voice transcription refers any voice files they may have in their possession like voice mails, group discussions and recorded messages.

Script a Project performs voice transcription services that are confidential with the due seriousness.  All the transcriptionists and the staff including technical people have signed the confidentiality agreement and they very well are aware of the responsibility of the work they are doing.

Voice messages usually will contain important matter that, if treated careless, third persons may utilize the information against the concerned parties. Moreover, online transfer of data generally is not a safe procedure to maintain data security.

Such a situation is tackled by professional transcription services that provide voice transcription services to their clients in a regular basis.

Script a Project has high security measurements and arrangements to protect the data of their clients from all angles. Top most accuracy and on time delivery along with affordable rates are the specialties of this voice transcription serve provider.

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