Script a Project offers cheap rates for webinar transcription services. Large corporate organizations, government agencies, educational institutes and universities and all business people often conduct webinars to promote their business or educational activities. It is an interactive session where participants can talk with the webinar conductor or the speaker through their phones and internet lines.

While telecasting the webinars in the internet, a text transcript uploaded along with it helps a lot for the viewers as well for the clients or webinar owners. They are extremely valuable in the sense that they help the hard of hearing people and people whose native language is a different one.

Moreover, these webinar transcripts help the search engines to pick up the keywords entered by the people who are searching for related information and can present it in the front pages of the search results.

Script a Project has a team of professional transcriptionists, proof readers and technicians who have good experience in transcribing webinars in various fields. The transcription work of webinars is a challenging one since participants will be from different parts of the world with various dialects.

The accuracy level, the fast completion of the project, the high security measurements to ensure the safety of the data, the availability of latest equipments and software programs, state of the art recording studio and other resources, certified transcribers with the particular subject knowledge and experience, own servers with dedicated internet, phone lines with encryption and more than anything else the cheap rates charged are the highlighting points of Script a Project.

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