Interview transcriptions, similar to any other important forms of transcription services such as; police transcription, important business meeting transcription and other confidential transcription services, demands high levels of confidentiality.

It is very important that certain interviews need to be edited to include or remove few questions and answers to provide a clean text document that causes no problems. At the same time, the edited or removed content must be maintained confidentially with high security.

This emphasizes the need to find for the transcription service provider who is reliable in maintaining the confidentiality. Script A Project, in this aspect takes the opportunity to provide the best confidential interview transcription services to our clients. We are very specific in ensuring the source materials, confidentiality and the delivered content.

For the same reasons we have implemented highly secured systems and technology that ensures the confidentiality of the projects. Our technicians and team of transcriptionists are reliable, that they ensure our client’s audio, video materials for interview transcriptions are highly secured with proper system that can never be tracked by others.

We thus serve to be highly professional in providing secured, confidential interview transcription systems. With our reliable services we have gained a huge reputation from our clients, which in turn have made us get many new clients from around the world.

We are being appreciated for providing the secured services for interview transcription by our clients. This has made us become the leading service provider in the industry and highly competitive too.

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