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Where can I find services that provide Interview transcription?

Interview transcription par excellence can be accessed at Script a project. The company is the leading name in all kinds of Interview transcription and digital transcription services. The rate charged by the company is very low at just $1 per minute. In spite of such low rates, the company offers one of the best accuracy levels at 98%.

That is not all; the company also caters for a 15 day money back guarantee on all its audio and other kinds of transcription services. Script a project looks forward to reverting to its clients with great alacrity and its 24/7/365 customer services support aids in that. It caters to all the major and minor languages of the world including Tagalong, Russian, Korean, and Armenian.

It believes in offering a safe and secure transmission of data and other information of clients. It maintains complete confidentiality of client’s details. Script a project’s services come in the best turnaround time, the length of which depends upon the actual length of the file. The company also offers a free trial to all new clients.

It charges only 50 % as the upfront payment. It adopts the latest in technology for its Interview transcription services and accepts all kinds of file formats from its clients. To send and receive Interview transcription solutions, Script a project has the ability of working completely online for its projects. Their ever growing and impressive lists of clients are the testimony to their excellent levels of services.

How can I find cheap rates for interview transcription services?

This would be a challenging task for anyone to find for the transcription company providing the services at cheap rates. Interview transcription involves many complex things that need to be considered to deliver quality content.

Unlike any other transcription services, interview transcription must be done with more care, as the transcribed content will be used numbers of time for references. There are many different types of interviews that need to be transcribed such as; corporate interviews, VIP interviews, business interviews and many others.

Corporate and media sectors require interview transcription hugely than any other sectors. Similarly, they also expect the highest quality and accuracy levels. This emphasizes the need for transcribing in a professional manner fulfilling all the needs of clients.

Script A Project is the ISO certified company with years of experience in the industry. We are the professional transcription company providing varieties of transcription services to our clients. Our transcribers are very knowledgeable and they are experienced in using the right terminologies in the content while transcribing.

We can perform interview transcription in all languages that are spoken around the world. We have a wide network of transcribers from around the world, who are also native speakers and good translators. Therefore, we never say no to any projects and accept to perform in all the best ways that gives 100% customer satisfaction.

We further take the effort to offer the interview transcription services at the best rates that are affordable to all. Our main focus is to provide competitive services with best quality, good language and highest accuracy levels.

What services provides professional interview transcription?

Script a Project offers the paramount in terms of professional interview transcription. The company has rich expertise in catering to all kinds of transcription services and especially professional interview transcription. It extends several offers to its clients. All the projects taken up by the company come with a 15 day money back guarantee.

In addition, the company also offers a free trial to all its new clients whose file duration is more than 3 hours. This free trial extends between 5 to 10 minutes. That is not all, the company also offers 10% discount to all its new clients.

The customer service support of the company is superb and operates all 365 days of the year, all 24 hours of the day, to give prompt reverts. Script a Project is an ISO certified company that offers professional interview transcription services in more than 200 languages worldwide.

The company charges very reasonable rates for its service and reverts with its standard price quotes within a minute of requisition. Script a Project charges only $1 per minute for its professional interview transcription services. The accuracy offered by the company is 100% and it works in quick turnaround time.

Little wonder then, that the company also offer same day and rush professional interview transcription services at very affordable rates. The clients have to simply upload the files at their website, and receive their projects via mail. The payment to the company can be made online too. Clients can call at their toll free number for a free price quote.

Which company provides interview transcription services?

Script a Project is a best company that offers the high-quality interview transcription services.  We are here to provide extreme high precised interview transcription which are carried our in quick turnaround duration, reasonable cost, and brilliant customer support.

The formats accepted by our team are numerous which can be of MP3, non-digital and many more. The clients of our company are in many countries such as US, Spain, Germany, Arab countries and so on.

The list of services handled in our company is One to one interviews, multiple participant interviews, business meetings, focus group, group discussions, legal interviews, journalistic interviews, job interviews, radio interviews, telephonic interviews, University lectures, research based interviews, depositions/dictations, press briefings and many more are available.

Script a Project spends a lot of time and effort in editing your interview transcript. All our trained and skilled transcribing staffs have immense experience and talent in offering various kind of interview transcription. The entire interview recordings are transcribed into precise text.

As we are an expert in transcription services, we do really understand and value the significance of privacy for all your interview questions and documents. The major highlights of Script a Project are specialized formats for interviews, 24/7 customer support, economical and reasonable cost, time stamping and coding, free trial offer, and Markey opinion poll.

As Script a Project comprises of many special features, this stands out as an outstanding interview transcribing services. Audio and video transcription services are highly acquired by many customers. We always prioritize our client rules and regulations in order to complete the projects which we undertake.

How can I get the same day Interview transcription service?

Same day interview transcription is the process of transcribing the given materials within the same day. Whether the provided source materials are large in size or not, the transcription team must be capable of delivering them on the very say day, without letting the client wait for long. There are many companies promising to provide same day interview transcription services online.

Intact, only a few of them deliver the services as promised. The interview transcription is the process of transcribing interviews that are held at corporate or business firms in particular. Media sectors may also require interview transcription services to transcribe any interviews or program that have been shot for broadcasting. You can find transcription companies online providing best quality interview transcription.

However, only a few of them provide fast and same day transcription services. Script a Project is the well-established company with the highly skilled team of transcriptionists who can quickly transcribe interviews. Our transcriptionists are knowledgeable about the terminologies to be used in the transcription. Moreover, they are also experienced; therefore they are very fast in transcribing the interviews.

However length be the audio for interview transcription, we can get it delivered on the same day. We at the same day ensure the quality and accuracy levels, without any compromise in it. We besides providing same day transcription, our rates are nominal and affordable. Our transcription rates would surprise our clients, as they are highly competitive which you can never find in the industry. Thus we provide best transcription services.

What company provides the best services for Interview transcription?

There are various reasons for why interviews are transcribed and maintained in text format. Some companies may also need the interviews to be translated into target language for better understanding and processing. However, the main expectation from any company that is providing interview transcription services is, to get quality services delivered with fast turnaround. The tasks become challenging when a company or individual start finding for the company that provides quality transcription services, as there are now numbers of companies providing competitive transcriptions of all types.

It is however your responsibility to look for the companies that can meet all your expectations without any hassles. Script a Project is the ISO certified company that offers various types of transcription services. We provide professional transcription services for interviews and other types of requirements that our clients have. Our transcriptionists are skilled and talented in transcribing any types and quality of audio materials with highest accuracy levels.

We can make sure that the transcribed material delivered to our clients is of high quality with good language that can be easily understood. We get the transcribed content in any formats as needed by our clients. Moreover, we also accept any formats of audio files for transcription. Thus we create a flexible environment for our clients to hire our transcription services. We also give free quotes for interview transcription which help our clients to get an idea about the rates for their projects.   We serve round the clock, therefore, however emergency is your requirements we are ready to get it done quickly.

Where can I find the best online Interview transcription services?

Plenty of the companies are ready to offer interview transcription services in competitive manner online. However, finding for the one that is trustworthy and ensures highest quality levels are important to make your projects worthwhile. Online serves to be the best source for any businesses to not only establish themselves, but also to attract their customers.

This is not an exemption for transcription services, and they also make the best use of online sources to establish themselves and attract more clients for providing best competitive services in the industry. Although there are many companies online promising to provide best services in the industry, it is very important to take some efforts to find the best service provider who could offer quality services with highest levels of accuracy.

In this array, Script a Project is providing best services in the industry. We are the leading company with ISO certification offering interview transcription services online. Our transcriptionists are highly qualified with many years of experience and they are also frequently trained with the advanced tools, techniques and methodology to provide the services according to the current transcription strategies.

Besides, our transcriptionists are also knowledgeable in using appropriate interview terminologies in the content while transcribing. Almost all our transcriptionists are native speakers, which is another added advantage for us to provide best services in the industry. We in addition to providing best services, ensure good language that further improves the quality of the services and accuracy levels. Thus we provide best interview transcription services online.