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Video transcription services

Video transcription is finest at script a project. We are the leaders in all kinds of video transcription services. Years of hard work and dedication have catapulted us as the most popular choice amongst every video transcription company

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All our video transcription services come with a 15 day many back endorsement. In addition, we also extend a free trial for all new customers.

Our round the clock customer service support reverts with super promptness for every query. This service is available all 365 days of the year.

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video to text transcription

Our video transcription rates are one of the most competitive in the transcription industry. We charge only a flat rate of $0.99 per minute for video to text transcription. We work in all the major and minor languages of the world. Our accuracy as well as turnaround time is optimum.

SUPPORTED Audio and Video File formats

AVI, wma, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, wmv, dvd, cd, dvf, dds, flv, Mp4, Mp3, wav, mov, mp2, amr, caf and more.

We also offer the following language services

American Transcription, Cantonese Transcription, Latin Transcription, Yiddish Transcription, Tibetan Transcription, Australian Transcription, Hebrew Transcription, Mandarin Transcription, Cambodian Transcription, Cherokee Transcription, Thai Transcription, Turkish Transcription and Serbo Croatian Transcription.

We also provide following services

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