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You can end your search for the best provider of interview transcriptions at Script a project. We are your one-stop-solution for exemplary Interview Transcriptions. Our professional and highly-skilled team dedicatedly works in very quick turnaround times. Our transcription rates are among the lowest across the globe. We offer an affordable rate for transcription services, including interview transcriptions for dissertations and researches.

All our interview transcriptionists are competent and highly trained. They have years of experience and the expertise needed to transcribe interviews seamlessly. We also offer excellent customer support available 24/7 all year-round. All our projects for transcribed interviews converted to text can be started by contacting our customer support. In addition, we also provide a 5-minute free transcription sample to all new clients.

For more information about our transcription services contact us TOLL FREE 1-888-535-5668. Alternatively, you can have online LIVE chat with us by clicking on the CHAT NOW button at the bottom of the page.

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transcribe an interview

We cater different genres of audio, video, and document transcription services in more than 50 languages worldwide, and of course specialize in projects that transcribe interviews.

Supported Audio and Video File formats

flv, Mp4, Mp3, wav, AVI, wma, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, wmv, dvf, dds, mov, mp2, amr, dvd, cd, caf and more.

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American Transcription, Hebrew Transcription, Mandarin Transcription, Tibetan Transcription, Cambodian Transcription, Serbo Croatian Transcription, Cantonese Transcription, Latin Transcription, Cherokee Transcription, Thai Transcription, Australian Transcription, Turkish Transcription and Yiddish Transcription.

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