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Exemplary quality interview transcription is available at script a project. We are the leader in all kinds of interview transcription services, be it audio interview transcription, documentary interview transcription or any other type of transcription service.

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Our interview transcription services comes at the most affordable rates in the industry. Our transcription service rates are very moderately flat rate at $0.99/min. There are three options you can choose from depending on the urgency of your requirements, Normal, Rush and Super Rush Turn Around Times. We also extend a free trial for 5 minutes to all new customers.

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interview transcription company

We are an interview transcription company with round the clock customer service support, all 365 days of the year. Our accuracy is 98% and we cater to more than 100 languages worldwide.

SUPPORTED Audio and Video File formats

dds, flv, Mp4, Mp3, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, mov, mp2, dvd, cd, caf, dvf, wmv, AVI, wma, amr, wav and more.


Hebrew transcription, Mandarin transcription, Cambodian transcription, Yiddish transcription, Turkish transcription, Tibetan transcription, Australian transcription and Serbo croatian transcription.

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