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Broadcast Transcription Services

We are the best in the industry in providing broadcast transcription services. Our skilled team of transcribers has ample experience, knowledge and expertise in movie/ broadcast transcription services.

We have excellent linguistics who can transcribe in any languages. We always tend to meet our clients’ needs and requirements by providing utmost satisfaction.

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Broadcast transcription rates

Our transcription rates Starting at $0.10/min for broadcast transcription services.

We don’t give false promises as we’re always loyal to our clients. We help you by editing the transcripts, examining and correcting spelling and grammatical errors and formatting the text to your terms.

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✓ Starting at $0.10/min
trial of 5 minutes
✓ Secure data storage
800+ expert transcribers
✓ 24 hours turnaround

Online broadcast transcription

We work 24/7*365 days in order to reach people all over the world. We totally understand the value of accurate transcriptions, and feel the need for a supportive back up from a professional organization to handle broadcast transcription needs.

The whole transcription process is very secure and strict. All security norms are in place for maintaining the confidentiality of the job. We are a professionally trustworthy transcription company.

Supported Audio and Video File formats

m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, Mp4, Mp3, amr, caf, dvf, dds, flv, wav, dvd, cd, wmv, AVI, mov, mp2, wma and more.

We also offer the following language services

Cherokee transcription, Thai transcription, Turkish transcription, Yiddish transcription, Tibetan transcription, Serbo Croatian transcription, Cantonese transcription, American transcription, Mandarin transcription, Australian transcription, Cambodian transcription, Hebrew transcription and latin transcription.

We also provide following services

✓ Conference transcription services

✓ YouTube video transcription services

✓ Webinar transcription services

✓ CD transcription services

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